We Deserve Safe Water - PETITION NOW No Fluoride in Edmonton, Alberta
We Deserve Safe Water - PETITION NOW No Fluoride in Edmonton, Alberta

To THE CITY OF EDMONTON and CITY COUNCIL & MAYOR, PLEASE IMMEDIATELY STOP BY MORATORIUM ALL WATER FLUORIDATION (hydrofluosilicic acid) to EDMONTON'S DRINKING TAP WATER. The practice is not necessary, is not effective, is not safe, and is not medically ethical. I do NOT provide my informed consent to water fluoridation: not in any form and not in any amount.

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We Deserve Safe Water - Edmonton Fluoride Petition - Say No Fluoride in Edmonton, Alberta
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We Deserve Safe Water - Edmonton Fluoride Petition - Say No Fluoride in Edmonton, Alberta
We Deserve Safe Water - Edmonton Fluoride Petition - Say No Fluoride in Edmonton, Alberta
We Deserve Safe Water - PETITION NOW No Fluoride in Edmonton, Alberta
Who Here Knows About Fluoride? Chris Sarbu Speaks From Toronto June 6, 2014
Chris Sarbu Fluoride Free Toronto      June 18, 2014
Here is the speech I made at our last march in Toronto on June 6, 2014.

Who here knows about fluoride? Well who here knows that drinking fluoride in public water makes it impossible to administer a proper dose, causing a rise in dental fluorosis. The fact that fluoride accumulates in the body is the reason why a Maximum Contaminant Level for fluoride should be established and set by Canada's Food & Drug Act or any Canadian environmental protection agency. Yet has still yet to materialize since fluordation began.

Adding fluoride to water is first and foremost a human right violation and infringement of civil liberties! You currently choose what you eat, and where it comes from. The equivalent to adding fluoride to our water without everyone's consent is the same as the government enforcing and dictating what people can or can't eat. Magnesium deficiency is running rampant among North Americans and is the leading cause of many health issues. Did you know that up to %80 of Americans are magnesium deficient yet no magnesium is put into our water at all... Out of the 1000's of things health Canada could be doing like banning GMO's and switching to clean energy to help us become a healthier society why is such a controversial drug as synthetic fluoride the only "nutrient" administered throwout our water supply? Why has no other supplement in our entire history also been delivered to the masses threw the drinking water, effectively forcing everyone to consume it? Is it any wonder why Adolph Hitler used fluoridated water in his gulag prison camps in the same fashion? If our country's leaders are so concerned with our health and well being why is it that in Canada our own Governmental Nutrient Requirement statistics say, (http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/fn-an/surveill/nutrition/commun/art-nutr-adult-eng.php)

35% of Canadians 19 and older, have vitamin B12 and vitamin C intakes below the Estimated Average Requirement (EAR)

19% of women 19-50 consumed iron in amounts that fell below the EAR

More than 35% of Canadians age 19 and over consumed vitamin A in quantities below the EAR

35% of Canadians from most age and sex groups consumed folate, vitamin B6, and zinc in inadequate amount

Why are all these important vitamins and minerals that are lacking in our population not supplemented in our water supply like fluoride?

Fluoride probably is the most misunderstood element on earth. Naturally It is found in mothers breast milk. Are you trying to tell me that for millions of years of evolution, human mothers have not been adequately providing fluoride to their babies? There is actually a huge lack of it in our standard American diet because food from the big industries are grown in poor soil missing many micro nutrients and minerals including natural calcium fluoride. As a result people are severely un balanced only left to consume man made synthetic versions instead. The main synthetic fluoridating agent in Toronto's water supply is called hydrofluorosilicic acid or HFSA for short. ----Dr. John Yiamouyiannis is quoted as saying "We would not purposely add arsenic to the water supply. And we would not purposely add lead. But we do add fluoride. The fact is that fluoride is more toxic than lead and just slightly less toxic than arsenic."

Hydrofluorosilicic acid is a "by-product" of emissions from the smoke stacks of the phosphate fertilizer industry. These chemicals are collected from the pollution scrubbers of the phosphate factories. Canadians are NOT ingesting natural BUT artificially fluoridated water with these mentioned silicofluorides. This is a class of fluoridation chemicals that includes hydrofluosilicic acid and its salt form, sodium fluorosilicate. The scrubber also capture co-contaminants along with the hydrogen fluoride gas such as arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury, and radioactive particles2, and are legally regulated as toxic waste, and are prohibited from direct dispersal into the environment. But Upon being sold as unrefined fluorosilicates to municipalities as fluoridating agents, they are then considered a "product", allowing them to be dispensed through fluoridated municipal water systems, to the very same ecosystems to which they could not be released directly! These emissions are not regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) and other government agencies becauses fluorosilicates such as HFSA are already listed as a level 4 hazardous material, and does not need too individually list each environmental pollutant contained inside. Only a water certificate of analysis -> http://www.fluoridefreepeel.ca/facts/solvaymsds/ from your local water municipality plant can give you these readings of co-contaminants after their release into our drinking water form this HFSA. Please read the Mosaic Material Data Sheet as proof.

Natural Cell salts including calcium fluoride work by enabling the cells to better assimilate and utilize other mineral compounds. Fluoride is not critical for healthy teeth and it's important to note from a biochemical standpoint that it predominantly only effects dental plaque on the surface of tooth enamel. BUT when it comes to fluoride contributing to the remineralisation process inside the enamel of the tooth, below the surface, this is not dependent on fluoride. Also it's anticaries effect is critically dependent on calcium and magnesium content of the teeth enamel. The best source for the 12 human cell salts come naturally in bio available abundance from food.

On the Periodic Table the halogen family holds a distinct position. Fluorine is the smallest and lightest of the halogens, And Iodine which is absorbed by your thyroid gland is the heaviest. Fluoride will always displace thyroid hormones that regulate the body's metabolic homeostasis. And is why in the 1930s MD's including DR May reported having used sodium fluoride the most reactive of all of the halogens on 1,158 hyperthyroid patients. Later fluorides were deemed not "reliable enough" to be recommended as an antithyroid because of the induced lower thyroid function that later affected the entire endocrine system.

It is the most reactive non-metal element known to man. You wouldn't drink lead would you? Did you know that It combines with anything in its path, facilitating the uptake of aluminum and lead into tissues where these metals would not otherwise go past the blood brain barrier and is directly linked to the epidemic of Alzheimers and autism in north America. Fluoride and combines with essential nutrients like calcium and magnesium, interfering with tissue uptake.

ONCE AND FOR ALL WILL BE EXPLAINED WHY ANY AMOUNT OF FLUORIDE IS BAD: FLUORIDE IS A POTENT ENZYME POISON Enzymes are ABSOLUTELY essential to sustain life. The U.S. Academy of Sciences, the World Health Organization and others have listed over 100 enzymes that are inhibited by fluoride at levels of only 0.1 to 2 ppm. Our current level in Toronto is 0.7 For every enzyme inhibited, an important metabolic process is stopped. It has been demonstrated that fluoride destroys enzymes involved in the construction of teeth and bones at very low doses in rats also at 0.1ppm. [Kakei et al. 2007] It interferes with the extremely important cell function of hydrogen bonding also known as methylation) [Emsley 1981, NRC 2006]

Since virtually every vital function of the body is dependent on enzymes different tissues/organs all exhibit different sensitivities to fluoride; e.g.fluoride inhibits Esterase in the liver fluoride also inhibits glycolysis which is breakdown of glycose into energy for cells. by inhibiting the enzyme enolase. Fluoride inhibits energy metabolism through the tricar-boxylic acid cycle by blocking entry of pyruvate and fatty acids. And by and by inhibiting succinic dehydrogenase.

To this date Hydrofluorosilicic acid has never been regulated under Canada's Food & Drug Act, nor is it regulated under Canada' Natural Health Product Regulations, despite the fact that it is being directly added into the communal drinking water. It is almost too fantastic to comprehend this to be true, but it is true. Health Canada likes to hide behind calling fluoride a 'Nutrient' ,without scientific proof that it is a 'nutrient', and then to this date They say, "we don't regulate this 'nutrient' like every other one. How convenient it must be for Health Canada to turn a blind eye to that fact, and then dismiss all need for drug compliance, and dismiss all need for natural health product compliance, by oversimplifying the true and very broad reaching impact of fluoridation as nothing more then mere 'nutrification' of the public. It's hard to imagine that hydrofluorosilicic acid is anything like a 'Nutrient"; when Canadian Environmental Protection Act classifies hydrofluorosilicic acid as " Persistent" 'Bio-accumulative' and ' Toxic', Environment Canada class hydrofluorosilicic acid as a 'Hazardous substance' , Transport Canada classifies hydrofluorosilicic acid as a 'Dangerous good' and the United States environmental Protection Agency classifies hydrofluorosilicic acid as "Class one hazardous waste

The only reason any government and industry would "have" to add HFSA to our drinking water would be to benefiting them, and the phosphate industry who is making all this toxic phsorprus gypsum bi-product. That they sell to us in the first place. Every time we drink a glass of water that they continue to pollute, They make a profit from it. Using our body's and ecological waterways as trash cans for their toxic acid that would otherwise cost them money to get rid of.

If it costs these industries big money to dump it safely then why is our city actually paying them for industrial by-product waste? in 2012 the materials management team of Toronto spent 3 million dollars on hydrofluorasilic acid. Surely somewhere alongh the line in government is colluding with his industry because in a normal world our government would take the byproduct off the phosphate industry's hands free of charge. and both party's benefit. Again why would Toronto have to pay for toxic waste when it cost the phosphate industry money to get rid of their waste, and could just been given to us for free of charge. Clearly if we remove synthetic fluoride form these people will stop getting paid with our tax dollars and then suddenly the industries will be responsible for cleaning up after their messes.

Another not commonly known organ victim of fluorosis is the pineal gland, located in the middle of the brain. The pineal gland can become calcified from fluorides, inhibiting it's function as a melatonin producer. Melatonin is needed for sound, deep sleep, and the lack of it also contributes to thyroid problems that affect the entire endocrine system. The pineal gland is also considered the physical link to the upper chakras or third eye for spiritual and intuitive openings. It has been said the mark of the beast is located in he middle of the forehead and that this mark signifies a life of materialism and loss of spirituality. Could the calcification of the pineal gland also be acting like a sort of mark of the beast 666? Considering the fact there are 6 Protons 6 Electrons and 6 Neutrons in the Carbon based system for man/beast. So the fluoride mark may confine our souls in these material bodies. Just a thought I will leave you all with.


Studies do not hide! It's time to end fluoride! If you cared about our health We should choose it for our self!

When I say "fluoride" you say murder, "fluoride", MURDER, "fluoride," MURDER. When I say "fluoride" you say poison, "fluoride" POISON "fluoride" POISON! When I say "you want informed consent?" you say "it's our right to know!" When I say, "You want informed consent?" it's our right to know! When I say "Fluoride Dental care" you say, rots teeth everywhere. "Fluoride dental care" Rots teeth everywhere! Fluoride dental care" Rots teeth everywhere! When I say, "All we want, proof of health" you say, When you spend tax dollar wealth. "ALL WE WANT, PROOF OF HEALTH!" WHEN YOU SPEND TAX DOLLAR WEALTH. "ALL WE WANT, PROOF OF HEALTH!" WHEN YOU SPEND TAX DOLLAR WEALTH.


Hello City Hall we are here to "decide." Our human rights need to apply! And that basic morality be utilized. Not pushed aside by industry strides. Seeking allies with big brother that abide leeching HFSA into riversides. Human body's like toronto's pipes deteriorate and slide. Will It be to late for fate, when you realize? Until health Canada's guidelines are not applied, they'll take our health system for a ride. Councillors step down, and swallow pride or a class action lawsuit will have you tried, and make you drink a glass in front of everyone to get you fried. Trust me let this be your guide. End This forcible medication called fluoride!

Be sure to see our pictures of our June 6, 2014 march: Pictures of Toronto March.

See me in this video: Video of our last march.

I also highly recommend that you watch Robert Azzopardi. We thank him for gracing us with this incredible information on more then just fluoride. Robert is owner of Nimbus Inc offering reverse osmosis and is a wealth of information. Watch Robert Azzopardi here.

This amazing letter from lawyers in peel region now becoming involved you can send to your City of Edmonton (just read threw and replace peel with Edmonton). Read here.

Canadian Awareness also did this awesome coverage of the Toronto no fluoride event: http://canadianawareness.org/2014/06/unfluoridate-me-rally-toronto-june-6-2014/.

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We Deserve Safe Water - Edmonton, Alberta Say No Fluoride! Petition Now!
We Deserve Safe Water - Edmonton, Alberta Say No Fluoride! Petition Now!
We Deserve Safe Water - Edmonton, Alberta Say No Fluoride! Petition Now!